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With every velour tracksuit you purchase, WOOKS will cover the food expenses of one of the animals sheltered by SGS for a one-week period.

Save a Greek Stray

Our story

Welcome to Save a Greek Stray, a non-profit organization whose goal is protecting animals, founded on Erietta Kourkoulou-Latsis’ private initiative.
Fueled by her perpetual love for animals, she surrounded herself with individuals who share her vision: a country where pets will be stray no more whilst given the opportunity to live a decent life within a loving domestic environment.
In order to assist with the implementation of the above goal, SGS has created a shelter for stray animals, offering them a safe haven until their family comes along.

Our mission is to protect and care for the strays. In more detail we:

  1. Rescue, gather, neuter and vaccinate our strays whilst offering the injured medical support
  2. Give the strays up for adoption to animal friendly families or assist in their rehabilitation
  3. Establish and manage the Shelter while operating within its premises a veterinary clinic
  4. Overlook and assist in the animals’ rehabilitation back in their natural environment
  5. Promote nationally as well as internationally animal friendly behavior

Our aspiration and goal is to pave the path into an era where no animal will helplessly suffer on the streets, where every family should have a pet and every pet, a family.

SGS facilities

In Fanos at Oropos, in a beautiful location right by the sea a model animal shelter has been created with love and care that will be housing our stray companions. The shelter offers each animal its own individual accommodation, has a fully equipped clinic for first aid, neutering, vaccination and temporary hospitalization. The animals are taken care of within our premises until they are adopted. SGS also runs a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program within which animals are returned to natural environment, neutered and in good health. We aspire for Fanos to evolve into a center which will teach how to treat animals with respect and moreover become a hub of communication for all animal lovers.

Adoptions – Make an addition to your family