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Job Categories

Product Design
The Style departments define and propose the research strategies for new products. They also carry out innovative research and development for the collections under their responsibility, managing all aspects concerning the definition of trends, colors and fabrics.

Product Technical Management
The Product Technical department supervises the technical development of the collections, including the phases involving the planning of the collections and the schedules, the research and selection of fabrics, yarns and accessories, modeling and industrialization.

The Sales department defines the sales objectives for the brand as well as the development of sales plans/programs. Our salesmen develop the marketing approach, defining the targets for each product, the assortments, the price bands and the positioning of each brand in the market.

Sales Network
The high level of customer service provided characterizes the development of our sales network. Wooks offers collections that are of a very high quality. Contacts located in various parts of the world are responsible for supporting customers by identifying the garments that best respond to their requirements.
Operations & Logistics
The Operations & Logistics areas manage the entire production cycle of new collection items, from the purchasing of raw materials to the production of finished garments, appropriately assessing the approaches and innovative ways in which they can ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes. Also, this department controls ad coordinates the production hubs – the main ones are in Greece and West Asia – and they use the most modern logistics technologies to manage the distribution of finished garments.

The Communication area is based on the following pillars: corporate press, PR, advertising, digital, licensing and graphic design. Each of them contributes – in its area of relevance – to the promotion of the brands image, values and initiatives on a global and local level.

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